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General Dentistry

A general dentist is one that can handle any type of dental need. Our dentist, Dr. Ajwani, has over ten years of experience, and is able to provide the dental care that each individual requires.

General Dentistry in Markham

Our Southeast Dental team makes it simple for you to make your appointments, whether over the phone or via our easy online appointment form. And don’t worry if you forget – we always provide you with reminders of services that are needed regularly, such as cleanings and check-ups. We’ll also provide you with appointment reminders over the phone, text or by email.

Keeping our patients comfortable is an important part of our general dentistry practice. Our dental office should feel like your home away from home – we have designed our space so that you can relax and be comfortable while receiving the services that you require.

We offer all general dentistry services, such as:

Our goal is to provide dentistry with the comfort of home, and build lasting relationships with our patients. At Southeast Dental, you’re part of our dental family.