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All About Your Toothbrush

The most important tool in any dental care arsenal, the toothbrush is a tooth cleaning staple. Since it’s something we use multiple times per day, it’s a good idea to make sure we’re using the right one for our particular dental needs, and taking care of it so it can do its job most effectively.

How to Choose the Right Toothbrush:

Not all toothbrushes are created equal – these days there are so many different types to help with each person’s individual dental needs. Most dentists recommend soft bristled brushes for everyone, as they are gentler on the teeth but can get the job done. From there, what are your specific dental concerns? You can choose from toothbrushes that are shaped to get the hard-to-reach back teeth, or some with bristles that focus in between the teeth. There’s also the option to go electric, which many people swear offers a more thorough clean (with less work!). Whatever type you choose, ensure that it fits comfortably in your hand. The better the fit, the more likely you’ll use it as often as you need to.


How to Care for your Toothbrush:

If you’ve never thought about caring for your toothbrush before, you’re not alone. It’s common to buy a toothbrush and use it daily until it looks worn out. But to make the most of your toothbrush, a little bit of care is necessary. First, keep it clean – properly rinsing it after use, and even using antibacterial mouthwash or toothbrush sanitizer will help keep the build-up at bay. Make sure it’s stored vertically to air dry, and if you can, store it in a cabinet to keep it away from airborn germs from the toilet and sink. Of course, as everyone knows, once you’ve had your toothbrush for three months, it’s time to replace it with a brand new one.

Have any questions about what toothbrush is best for your dental needs? We’d be glad to discuss options at your next appointment – get in touch with us at Southeast Dental in Markham, by phone or online.

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