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6 Things That Increase Chances of Getting Cavities

We take great care of our teeth for many reasons, and one of them is to prevent cavities. In one of our past blog posts, we explained all about cavities and how they’re formed. This week, we’re letting you know about 6 things that can increase your chances of getting cavities – some you may have never thought of – to further prevent dental problems and to keep your smiles healthy.

Sugar: Probably the most commonly known cause of cavities, we’re always warned about the harm that sugar can cause. But this goes beyond candy and sugary sodas – sugar can be found in foods you may not expect, so it’s always a smart idea to look at the ingredients and sugar content of everything you eat.

Acidic Foods: Acidic foods can break down enamel, the protective layer of your teeth, causing them to become weak and prone to cavities. While avoiding acidic foods altogether isn’t a necessity, cleaning your teeth and drinking water after eating them can help.

Dry Mouth: As we’ve mentioned before, saliva is a big part of keeping teeth clean, healthy, and cavity-free. So when you have dry mouth, or Xerostomia, the decreased saliva flow can give bacteria the opportunity it needs to grow and create cavities. So keep water handy, and drink up!

Braces: This one may be a surprise, but it’s easy for those with metal braces to have more cavities. Because of the metal wires, it’s difficult to properly brush all surfaces of the teeth. Extra care is needed to ensure that the teeth are well cleaned.

Deep Tooth Grooves: Some people naturally have very deep grooves in their teeth, where food and bacteria can become stuck and cause cavities and other dental problems. One way to fix this is by having sealants put on the teeth; these act as a barrier and smooth the tooth’s surface. Talk to your dentist about this option.

Irregular Dental Care: If you aren’t visiting your dentist on a regular basis, you’re ignoring a very important step in your dental care. Cleanings and check-ups ensure that your teeth are healthy, and that any potential problems are dealt with right away. If you’re due for an appointment, book one via Southeast Dental’s online form, or contact us via phone or email.

With the right habits and care, you can be cavity free – and your Markham dental team at Southeast Dental is here to help!

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