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Dental Health on Vacation

Warmer weather often means vacations, such as camping and cottage trips for families. If that means you and your family, it’s important to remember to keep up your dental health routine during your time away. We know, it can be hard to remember to brush and floss and make the right food choices while you’re away, having a great time. But with these tips, we’re making it easier for you!
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Chipped Tooth? Here Are Your Options

Though teeth are surprisingly strong, damage can still easily happen in the form of cracks, breaks, and chips. These can occur due to a sports injury, biting on particularly hard items, and weak teeth.

So what do you do when you have a chipped tooth? First, reach out to us at Southeast Dental – either make an appointment or, in an emergency, get in touch with our Markham clinic right away. We’ll help you decide which of the options below are the best for you.

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Tips to Deal with Dental Anxiety

It can be completely natural to get anxiety before a dental appointment, for children and adults alike. Whether it’s a fear of learning you’ll require a dental procedure, or just a general fear of the offices and tools themselves, it’s very common and happens to many people.

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What Healthy Gums Look Like

In general, we concentrate a lot on what our teeth look like – if they’re clean, white, straight, etc. But do you ever think about what your gums should look like? Their appearance can actually tell you a lot about their health, and what your dental routine may be lacking. Here’s a checklist of things to look out for, to make sure your gums stay healthy:

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5 Signs of a Healthy Mouth

How do you know when your mouth is healthy? You may brush twice a day, floss, eat healthy foods and generally take good care of it – but even with those good habits, there could be areas that need further attention. Here are some of the ways you can tell that your mouth is a healthy one:

Gums – Healthy gums should be light pink in colour, and have a firm, smooth texture. Red, swollen, and even bleeding gums can be a sign of gingivitis or other gum diseases.

Breath – Bad breath happens to everyone, and in general it shouldn’t be seen as a sign of oral health problems. But if the odour persists, even with a proper daily hygiene routine, it could mean there’s an underlying concern.

Inner Cheeks – Your inner cheeks should normally be pink, glossy and smooth. Check for white, gray, or red patches, as well as swelling. Sometimes we can accidentally bite on the cheeks, causing irritation or bumps – this can be normal. But if it happens often, it’s a good idea to mention that to your dentist.

Tongue – Your tongue can tell you a lot of about the health of your mouth. If it’s pink, clean, and covered with small bumps (which are called papillae), that’s a great sign. Pay attention if your tongue changes colour or texture – if it becomes red, inflamed, or covered in a white film that is difficult to brush off, talk to your dentist.

Teeth – We often consider healthy teeth to be white, and that is partially true. Naturally, teeth should be a uniform, off-white colour. While yellow teeth do not necessarily mean that teeth are unhealthy, it can indicate issues with the enamel or dentin. Gaps, crowding, and broken teeth are also important items to pay close attention to.

Your dental check-ups will allow the dentist to keep an eye on your mouth to ensure there are no unhealthy signs. Be sure to stick to regular cleanings to keep your mouth at its healthiest. To book your appointment with the smile team at Southeast Dental in Markham, give us a call 905-471-2002.

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Broken Tooth? Here’s What You Can Do

Broken teeth happen. And when they do, it’s good to be prepared – the first step is to see your dentist as soon as possible, especially to figure out how much damage was caused and what the best plan of action will be. At Southeast Dental we have an array of options to help you with your broken tooth.

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Back to School Tips

It’s that time again! September means back-to-school for kids everywhere. And for parents, this means getting your kids ready for the year ahead. Along with picking up all the necessary school supplies, co-coordinating schedules, and dealing with the back-to-school nerves, there is always a lot to do when this time of year rolls around.

We’ve got some helpful tips to make sure dental problems aren’t part of your back-to school stress:

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The 6 Benefits of Southeast Dental

Finding the right dental office for your family is important – you want to ensure that you receive the best care, with a team that offers an understanding of your specific needs. At Southeast Dental, we pride ourselves on being a quality dental practice, and there are a few benefits to making us your oral healthcare professionals:

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