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Sleep Habits & Your Dental Health

It’s common knowledge that sleep plays a large role in the body’s overall health. But did you know it can also affect your oral health? It’s true – getting enough hours of sleep each night is important for your dental health, and a lack of sleep can sometimes be harmful. On the other hand, some dental problems are known to negatively affect your sleep as well. Here are a few ways that sleep influences your dental health, and vice versa:

Bruxism –Another term for teeth grinding, bruxism can be quite common. Those who suffer from bruxism rarely get a restful sleep due to the grinding and pain associated with it. Luckily, there are ways to deal with bruxism, listed here in a recent blog post.

Sleep Apnea – This disorder causes a person to stop breathing at intervals throughout the night while asleep. Often, a person may not even know that they have it. Sleep apnea can cause many changes to the mouth, and even bruxism as mentioned above, which is why a dentist may be able to diagnose it. Treatments such as CPAP therapy have proven effective, but speak to your doctor to find the best route for you.

Weakened Immune System – A lack of sleep can have an effect on the immune system, which also helps protect the teeth. This makes it easier for bacteria to cause gum diseases such as gingivitis, tooth decay, and other oral diseases. Sleeping helps the oral tissues repair themselves, so be sure to get a full night’s rest as much as possible.

If you find that you may have oral problems that are affecting your sleep, come and see us at Southeast Dental in Markham, and we’ll offers solutions to help you get some sleep. Give us a call at 905-471-2002 or book your appointment online.

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