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Dental Hygiene for Kids

Proper dental hygiene is important for all ages, but it’s imperative to start good habits at a young age. Whether you’re still cleaning your children’s teeth yourself, or if your kids are at that age when they’re ready to learn how to take care of their own oral health, we have some tips for you (and them) to help make sure they’re armed with the most effective methods possible.

Here is what to teach:

  • Show them how to hold their brush at a 45 degree angle against the gums.
  • Let them see how to move the toothbrush back and forth in gentle motions over the front, back, and tops of the teeth. Movements must always be gentle, especially along the gum line.
  • Teach your children to brush with only a pea-sized amount of fluoridated toothpaste.
  • Ensure that they know not to swallow the toothpaste – have water nearby so they can rinse and spit each time.
  • For flossing, use our step-by-step guide for the proper techniques for any age.

Some other helpful tips:

  • by the age of 6, most kids should be able to brush on their own, using the techniques taught to them at an earlier age
  • avoid sugar when possible; for kids, it can take up to 30 minutes for their saliva to neutralize the acidity from the sugar’s bacteria
  • a child should start seeing a dentist regularly from their first birthday onward; this will allow your dentist to keep an eye out for any developmental issues
  • ask your dentist about sealants before cavities become a problem – these act as a barrier to prevent cavities in deep grooves of the teeth
  • you can even clean your baby’s gums – after a feeding, wipe gums gently with a water soaked washcloth (for more information about baby teeth, read our blog post)
  • once your child’s teeth touch each other, you can start gently flossing their teeth
  • to make teeth cleaning more fun for your kids, try using a fun, colourful toothbrush and flavoured toothpastes. Anything helps!

Regular dental appointments are important for children of all ages, no matter what stage of dental hygiene they may be at – book one for your child today at Southeast Dental in Markham. We’re happy to show your kids how to properly care for their teeth to keep them strong and healthy.