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Natal Teeth - Southeast Dental Markham

Baby’s First Tooth at Birth?

Most babies usually get their first tooth at 5 – 8 months, but sometimes babies are born with teeth! They are called natal teeth and occur in approximately 1 in 2,500 births. If the teeth appear within the first month or so after birth, they are termed neonatal teeth.

Often, the lower two front teeth are seen. They can appear like normal teeth, or be underdeveloped, appearing small, yellow and rounded in shape. In most cases, the teeth are part of the normal set of teeth that a baby will develop, but they have simply erupted prematurely. Alternatively, the teeth can be extra teeth that are an addition to the normal twenty teeth a child will have.

People have been aware of natal teeth for thousands of years. They have been described during Roman times in writing, and there are varying superstitions about these teeth in many cultures including English, French, Italian, Chinese, Indian, and African cultures. Apparently historical figures like Julius Caesar and Napoleon had natal teeth.

So, what is the significance of these teeth? Superstitions aside, natal teeth are not usually a problem and do not require any treatment. However, it is best to see a dentist immediately to assess if any treatment is necessary. Here are a few potential problems associated with natal teeth:

  • If the tooth or teeth are very loose, the teeth should be extracted because of the risk of the baby swallowing or aspirating the teeth.
  • A natal tooth could cause problems with breastfeeding or irritate the bottom of a baby’s tongue, causing an ulcer. These may require smoothing of the tooth’s surface or extraction.

At Southeast Dental in Markham, we are always available for emergency dentist appointments, by phone, or by email if you are concerned about your newborn’s oral health. Visit Southeast Dental, your neighbourhood dentist in Markham.

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