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The Flossing Debate – Is it Effective, or Not?

In the past year, there have been new studies coming out that have deemed flossing to be an unnecessary task – according to some, flossing doesn’t actually improve dental health at all. But there is some debate among dentists, and most continue to recommend daily flossing to their patients. Here’s why:

Food & Bacteria Collect in Between Teeth

If you think of all the food and plaque that get stuck on the flat sides of your teeth, can you imagine how much is left in the spaces between your teeth? Even if you can’t see it, the plaque and bacteria is definitely there, and a toothbrush just can’t reach it all.

The More You Floss, the Less your Gums Bleed

For a lot of people, when they first start flossing (or when they floss after a long period without it), their gums sometimes bleed a bit. This is because of gingivitis and other gum diseases. Have you ever noticed that with regular flossing, your gums are no longer red or bleeding, and instead they’re firm and pink? That’s what healthy gums look like, and daily flossing helps to keep them that way.

Gingivitis is More Prevalent in Those Who Do Not Floss 

Gingivitis is a common gum disease – chances are, we’ve all had it at one point or another. But flossing is the best preventative measure against gingivitis, since those who floss regularly are removing plaque and bacteria that lead to the gum disease.

 Bottom Line – Flossing is Important!

Though some disagree, there is definitely evidence that flossing is an important part of your daily oral care. If you’re new to flossing, or want to ensure that you’re doing it correctly, use our guide to floss effectively. At your next check-up at Southeast Dental in Markham, we can help make sure you’re flossing properly and keeping your mouth as healthy as possible! Give us a call at 905-471-2002, or book online.

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