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Dealing with Chronic Gingivitis

Almost everyone experiences gingivitis at some point in their life. It’s very common, and often a result of not flossing enough or brushing gums properly. But for some, the gingivitis never seems to go away. Are you someone with chronic gingivitis?

The first step is prevention – if you are lucky enough to not yet have gingivitis, knowing how to prevent it is imperative. That starts with an effective daily dental routine, including brushing and flossing each and every day. Mouthwash can also be helpful to further rinse the gums and any pockets.  Another important part of prevention is your regular dental check-ups and cleaning so that your teeth are their cleanest, but also so the dentist can monitor your gum health and check for potential problems before they occur.

If gingivitis is something you’re already dealing with, there are options. Of course, starting with your daily dental hygiene that we outlined above is the first step. If you don’t floss daily, starting the habit as soon as possible may be the key to fixing your gingivitis and preventing its return. But if the gingivitis persists, it may mean that you have a chronic case that requires further care. When gingivitis is left untreated, it can result in a more serious gum disease called periodontitis. This can create pockets of infection in your gums, and lead to more dental problems.

To ensure that you’re treating your gingivitis properly, it is best to talk to your dental professionals. The dentists and team here at Southeast Dental in Markham will asses your situation, then provide the best care and expert techniques. Gingivitis may be common, but it is preventable and treatable. To book your next appointment, give us a call at 905-471-2002 or use our online appointment form.

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