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The Proper Way to Floss

Flossing is an important part of our daily dental hygiene routines. It allows us to clean the food debris and bacteria from between our teeth and prevent decay. If you’re unsure of the proper way to floss, or want to make sure that you’re flossing effectively, we’ve put together easy step-by-step instructions to guide you in your daily flossing.

  • Take approximately 18 inches (or 45 cm) of floss and wrap it around each middle finger or index finger, leaving one to two inches of space in between.
  • Holding the floss between the thumb and index fingers, slide it gently between your teeth. We suggest starting with the top teeth from left to right and then completing the bottom row, but you can floss in whichever order feels best.
  • Slide the floss up and down, and curve in a “C’ formation, and then a reverse “C’ for the other side of the tooth, to clean up and under the gumline.
  • As you move from tooth to tooth, use a new clean section of the floss in your hands.

When it comes to choosing floss, it depends on your personal preferences. Waxed variations are often easiest to use, as they slide effortlessly into the spaces between your teeth. For some added breath freshness, there are many different mint flavours available, both in waxed and un-waxed varieties.

There are differing opinions about flossing before or after brushing your teeth, but do whichever feels more comfortable to you. The routine that works best is the one that you will stick to long-term.

With these steps and info on the proper process, you’re ready to add flossing to your daily dental health routine! For more information, speak to our smile team at Southeast Dental during your next check-up. Call us at 905-471-2002 or use our online form to book your appointment at our Markham dental clinic.

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