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The Danger of Over Whitening Your Teeth

When we think of the perfect smile, straight, pearly white teeth are often what we picture. And with teeth whitening becoming the norm, it’s easier than ever to obtain that gleaming white smile. But, as with everything, too much whitening can do serious damage to your teeth.

When you overdo the teeth whitening, a few different things may occur. The most common issue is increased tooth sensitivity or white splotches and uneven colour. With at-home varieties, gum irritation is also a factor. On the more serious side, too much teeth whitening can sometimes cause tooth pitting and even nerve damage.

Be careful with at-home whitening

Any pharmacy and even grocery store now stocks multiple take-home whitening options that anyone can buy to whiten their teeth at home. While all of these are not necessarily unsafe, it is easy to use the products incorrectly or more often than is safe. Use the products sparingly, and be sure to follow instructions carefully.

Don’t overdo the whitening products

Not only can you buy whitening kits, there are also whitening toothpastes, mouthwashes, flosses, and even toothbrushes that claim to whiten. For some, using all of these at once for the most whitening possible may seem like a good idea. In fact, they make it easier to cause damage due to over-whitening. 

Whiten safely in a dental office when possible

The safest way to properly whiten your teeth is in a dental office setting with professional care. At Southeast Dental in Markham, we offer effective in-office teeth whitening with great results and safe procedures. We’ll ensure that you receive beautiful, long-term results for you smile.

If you do have questions about the different teeth whitening options, both at home and in office, talking to a dental professional beforehand is advised. Get in touch with Southeast Dental via phone at 905-471-2002, or book an appointment on our online form.

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