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Dental Health During Pregnancy

During a pregnancy, it’s important to measure and track all facets of a woman’s health. Regular doctor visits and tests are the norm, to ensure that both the baby and expectant mother are healthy. But what about dental health?

Pregnancy affects dental health more than most realize. From gum sensitivity to increased saliva, the mouth of a pregnant woman goes through many changes.


Here are some helpful tips for expecting mothers:

  • Prevent gingivitis: During a pregnancy, up to 70% of women can experience a type of gingivitis that is specific to pregnant women. There are a few ways to help prevent this, such as regular flossing daily, rinsing with anti-gingivitis mouthwash, and careful brushing twice per day.
  • Hormonal changes: Often, pregnant women develop red, puffy and sometimes painful gums. This is due to hormones, mainly added progesterone in the body, which causes a strong reaction to plaque. This can also mean excess bleeding and sensitivity while flossing, but it is normal – continuing to floss is important.
  • Take the right supplements: When you’re pregnant, it isn’t just your own teeth that require care – a baby’s teeth begin to develop between months 3 to 6 of pregnancy, so it’s important to get enough calcium, vitamin D, C, A, phosphorous, and protein. Supplements can help ensure that you’re getting enough of these essential vitamins and minerals for your baby’s developing teeth.
  • Expect changes in your mouth: It’s not uncommon to experience dysgeusia (changing tastebuds/a bad taste in your mouth) or ptyalism (too much saliva) during pregnancy. Brushing often, gargling with baking soda and water, and adding lemon to drinking water can help with these symptoms.
  • Continue with dental appointments:  Keeping up with regular check-ups and appointments is important so that our dental team at Southeast Dental can make sure you receive the best dental care possible during your pregnancy. It is also important to let your dental professionals know when you become pregnant, so that x-rays can be avoided and specific measures can be taken for pregnant oral care. We’re here to help!

If you have any questions about dental care during pregnancy, contact your Markham & Scarborough dental team at Southeast Dental, or make an appointment via our online form.

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