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Your Best Smile for Your Wedding Day

Weddings are an important occasion. A lot of work goes into making sure every detail is perfect, from the dresses and suits, to décor, to accessories. And of course, we can’t forget your most important accessory – your smile. At Southeast Dental, we want to ensure that you have your best smile for the big day, one that will brighten up your pictures for years to come. Here’s how:

Teeth cleaning: The easiest and most common option is a professional teeth cleaning with our smile team. Nothing beats that clean, fresh feeling when you leave the dentist’s office – not to mention plaque-free teeth and a whiter smile!

Teeth whitening: To give you those bright pearly whites for the big day, try in-office teeth whitening. This is a safe, effective procedure that will remove stubborn stains due to staining agents such as coffee, wine, and smoking. Your brand new looking, whiter teeth will certainly give you something to smile about.

Invisalign: If the wedding day is quite far off and you’d like to straighten your teeth before then, Invisalign is the perfect option. This is best for those who have crooked teeth and at least a few months to a year before the wedding date. And the best part – they’re invisible, and can be taken out for photo ops!

Porcelain veneers: Another alternative if your teeth are crooked, chipped, or uneven, porcelain veneers are layers of ceramic that are bonded directly to the teeth. They can also be polished to a bright white colour. Known as the procedure that creates a “Hollywood smile”, it’s often the first choice for celebrities.

Whatever you need to get the best smile possible for your wedding day, Southeast Dental in Markham will work to help to achieve it. Call 905-471-2002 and talk to one of our friendly professionals about the best option for you, or make an appointment via our online form.

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