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The Danger of Over-Brushing

The importance of properly brushing your teeth at least twice per day can’t be overstated – it’s your best defense against plaque, cavities and tooth decay. That said, there is such a thing as too much brushing, as well as brushing too aggressively. Over-brushing can cause the tooth’s protective enamel to wear down, and can also result in a receding gum line which can expose the roots and lead to even more oral health problems.

The key to effective brushing is to use gentler strokes with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Remember that the plaque on your teeth is actually quite soft and doesn’t require an aggressive touch to remove. Being thorough and reaching every surface and ever hard-to-reach tooth is far more important than brushing vigorously. Concentrate on softly and carefully cleaning your entire mouth to achieve best results. Even timing is important, as you don’t want to brush continually for too long – that can sometimes be as damaging as brushing too roughly.

For guidance, our blog post about proper brushing technique can help – and here are some quick tips:

  • Choose the best toothbrush for your teeth, and replace it every three months or so
  • Pick a toothpaste that focuses on your particular needs, which can include tartar control, whitening, or a variety of other options
  • Brush for roughly two minutes at least twice per day, making sure to cover every surface of your teeth
  • Be gentle, but thorough

If you’re unsure about your brushing technique, be sure to ask our team at Southeast Dental the next time you’re in for a cleaning. We’d be happy to show you the most effective method to ensure that you’re getting the best daily clean possible. Book your next appointment online with our easy form, or give us a call at the office at 905-471-2002.

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