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Easing Your Child’s Fear of the Dentist

While fear of the dentist is an affliction for any age, it is most common in children. The dentist office experience can sometimes be too overwhelming for kids. If you find that your child is scared of going to their regular dentist visits, don’t worry – there are methods that can help.

Start their visits at a young age – We recommend beginning dental check-ups not long after their first tooth erupts. Not only will this start your child on a path to lifelong dental care, it will also create a familiar environment for them at an age before they may become fearful of the dentist’s office.

Watch the language – The way we speak about dental visits and dental care are important. Using words like “needle” or “shot” are especially scary for children. Keeping the language light and positive will have a much better effect.

Play pretend visits at home – Playtime creates positive associations for children, so playing dentist could go a long way to easing their potential fear. You can pretend to be the dentist, check their mouth, pretend to clean it, and then switch roles and let them be the dentist for awhile. This way they learn about the dentist while having fun and playing pretend.

Make them comfortable – Comfort is most important for all patients, whether they are fearful children or not. At Southeast, comfort is a priority, and so is making visits fun! Our offices reflect the comforts of home, including free wi-fi, flat screen TVs, iPads, a praying area and a play space. Our friendly dental team is sure to make anyone feel completely at ease.

Talk to the dentist – If you’re finding that your child’s fear is not improving, we’re here to help. We can work with you to help take the fear away and make dental visits a positive experience. Give us a call at 905-471-2002 or contact us online, and we can get started on making your child’s dental visits happy ones.

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