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Pregnancy and Your Oral Health

When you’re pregnant, there are a lot of items on your health checklist to keep an eye on, all to ensure a healthy baby, healthy mom, and healthy delivery. But there’s one thing that is often overlooked during those important nine months – and that’s your dental health.

Did you know that pregnancy affects dental health quite a bit? It’s true. So to help out any expectant mothers out there, we’ve compiled a list of tips to ensure your oral health is at its best.

Try Supplements:

Your teeth have their own needs, but so do your baby’s. Teeth actually begin to develop between months 3 to 6 of pregnancy, so it’s important to get enough calcium, vitamin D, C, A, phosphorous, and protein. Supplements may be a good idea to ensure that you’re getting enough of these essential vitamins and minerals for your baby’s developing teeth.

Care for your Gums:

Gingivitis has a higher occurrence during pregnancy. In fact, pregnant women can experience a type of gingivitis that is specific to expectant mothers. It’s important to continue to floss daily, and maybe even introduce an alcohol-free mouth rinse to help prevent gum disease.

Expect Sensitivity:

Along with a higher chance of gingivitis, pregnant women may also experience red, puffy, and painful gums. This is due to hormonal changes, and is completely normal – though it may cause sensitivity while flossing, continuing to do so is very important to your dental health.

Know that Your Mouth Will Experience Many Changes:

During pregnancy, the entire body is going through changes, and the mouth is no different. You may notice that your tastebuds have changed, or that your mouth is creating excess saliva. These are both perfectly normal, but it’s a good idea to make note of any new changes and speak to your dentist about them.

And, of course, it’s always important to keep up with regular dental check-ups and cleanings. If you have any questions about dental care during pregnancy, contact your Markham dental team at Southeast Dental, or make an appointment via our online form.

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