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My Invisalign Journey – Day 1

Follow Cynthie’s Invisalign Journey

Day 1 – Man that feels weird!

Had my first Invisalign appointment at Southeast Dental a few weeks ago. Dr Ajwani took some impressions of my teeth and off it went to Invisalign! My aligners came in and I had my first ever appointment today. I was shown a video of my teeth now and how Invisalign would make them nice and straight at the end of my treatment. My specific case will be 8-12 months. That varies based on your teeth. After going over the process with me about today’s appointment Dr Ajwani began putting the attachments on my teeth. These are small clear “blobs” which hold the Invisalign aligner into place. Once that was done we happily snapped my aligners in. I immediately started to laugh and lisp! Looked in the mirror and it appears I have plastic coated teeth. I find myself feeling very self conscious that everyone can see them. Yet my son came home from school and didn’t notice them. Kids don’t lie!!!! I feel a slight pain of my teeth starting to move. The edges feel a bit sharp on my tongue but I will be getting that smoothed down. So far day 1 is a success. It’s just like wearing a watch for the first time…will take some getting used too. For now I’m jumping on the Invisalign band wagon and hanging on tight!!