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Preventing Oral Cancer

Taking proper care of our mouths is not only important for white teeth and healthy smiles – it’s also preventative care. Oral cancer is a very real risk, even in Canadians, but there are effective ways to prevent it, many of which you may already be doing.

Here are a few preventative measures:

  • Quit smoking:, A terrible habit for oral health in general, smoking is also one of the biggest causes of mouth cancer.
  • Eat fresh produce and avoid preserved meats: Berries, cruciferous vegetables, and leafy greens are all great for mouth health. But preserved meats contain nitrates that may cause some oral cancers.
  • Visit the dentist often: Make regular appointments with your dentist to stay on top of your oral health. Your dentist will give your teeth a proper cleaning and notice if there are any problems.
  • Make note of any new changes in your mouth, and speak to your dentist: If you notice a new bump, sore, or any other changes in your mouth, be sure to let your dentist know.
  • Brush and floss every day: This goes without saying, but brushing twice daily and flossing once per day is important for preventing oral cancers and other oral diseases. The best defense is a clean mouth.
  • Keep alcohol to a minimum: The risk of oral cancer increases with the amount of alcohol consumed regularly. Moderation is best.
  • Use proper sun care: While you may not think twice about applying sunscreen to your face, always remember your lips. A minimum of SPF 15 is most effective.
  • Yearly oral cancer check: It is recommended that Canadians are checked for oral cancer by their dental health professional on a yearly basis.


Prevention and early detection are imperative, and the dental team at Southeast Dental in Markham is your partner in health. Contact us today to book a check-up, or to ask any questions you may have about oral cancer risks and further preventative measures.

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