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Spring Cleaning Your Oral Health Routine

It may be June already, but it’s never too late to do some spring cleaning! So why not spring clean your oral health? Tackle some items you may have been ignoring and get your smile ready for the warm-weather months. Here are a few things you can do to spruce up your dental care:

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Are You Prone to Cavities?

If you find that you’ve had more cavities in your life than your friends or family members, there are good reasons for it. The truth is, even those who strictly follow a proper daily dental hygiene routine can be more prone to cavities than others.

Here are a few reasons that some have more cavities more than others – do any of them apply to you?

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The Holidays and Your Oral Health

The holiday season is here, and with it comes friends, family, festivities, and of course – food. Wonderful meals, delicious treats and everything in between are a big reason this is a much-loved time of year. To ensure that you keep your mouth clean and healthy while still enjoying the best of the season, here are some tips to balance oral hygiene with the celebrations:

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The Real Negative Effects of Smoking on your Oral Health

It’s common knowledge that cigarette smoking is terrible for your health, and the health of those around you. Its negative impacts are extensive. Lung cancer, pulmonary disease, heart disease, stroke – the list goes on. But those don’t even include the issues that smoking causes for your oral health, and there are a great deal of them.

A recent study has discovered that smoking actually changes the natural bacteria within the mouth, causing a number of problems. Without the naturally occurring oral bacteria, tooth decay and oral diseases become more prevalent. Another potential byproduct of smoking is tooth cancer and other oral cancers – in fact, oral cancer is currently one of the most common forms of cancer in Canada and smoking plays a big part of that.

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Preventing Oral Cancer

Taking proper care of our mouths is not only important for white teeth and healthy smiles – it’s also preventative care. Oral cancer is a very real risk, even in Canadians, but there are effective ways to prevent it, many of which you may already be doing.

Here are a few preventative measures:

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