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The Real Negative Effects of Smoking on your Oral Health

It’s common knowledge that cigarette smoking is terrible for your health, and the health of those around you. Its negative impacts are extensive. Lung cancer, pulmonary disease, heart disease, stroke – the list goes on. But those don’t even include the issues that smoking causes for your oral health, and there are a great deal of them.

A recent study has discovered that smoking actually changes the natural bacteria within the mouth, causing a number of problems. Without the naturally occurring oral bacteria, tooth decay and oral diseases become more prevalent. Another potential byproduct of smoking is tooth cancer and other oral cancers – in fact, oral cancer is currently one of the most common forms of cancer in Canada and smoking plays a big part of that.

For the gums, smoking causes periodontal diseases. These are bacterial infections that occur in the gums, and can break down the tissue and even lead to tooth loss if untreated and left to become a long-term problem. The chemicals found in tobacco can also slow down blood flow to the gums which also causes the healing process to slow down. This means that infections, diseases, and other oral issues don’t heal as quickly as they would in a non-smoker’s mouth.

On the aesthetic side, smoking causes discolouration of the teeth and gums, not to mention bad breath and gum line recession. Yellow teeth are often the first side effects that smokers notice, as the other more serious oral health concerns are less visible. No matter how you look at it, smoking is one of the worst things you can do for your oral health.

If you’re currently smoking, do your body – and your mouth – a favour, and take the necessary steps to quit. Let the team at Southeast Dental to work to counteract the effects that smoking may have had on your teeth, and bring back a healthy, smoke-free smile. Book your appointment today, and let’s get started in improving your oral health.

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