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Improve Your Family’s Dental Health with These Kid-Friendly Foods

In our last post, we outlined some tips to get your kids back-to-school ready. This week, we’re getting into year-round habits that can keep your whole family’s pearly whites healthy – it’s all about what you eat!

While you and your kids can’t always brush during your days at work and school, there are foods that can help clean your teeth on the go. The best part? Your kids will like these options.

Apples & Pears: These fruits are naturally abrasive, which means they help to scrub your teeth clean as you chew. They also contain Vitamin C, which keeps gums from breaking down and becoming tender. Apples are an especially great choice – they stimulate gums, increase saliva and fight plaque, all while providing vitamins and minerals the body needs.

Carrots & Celery: Like apples and pears, these are abrasive foods that massage gums and help clean teeth as you chew. Also, because they require extra chewing, they create even more saliva to neutralize acids in the mouth that are caused by bacteria.

Cheese: Cheese is known for its calcium, phosphate, and other vitamins that help the mouth stay pH balanced, and keeps tooth enamel strong. These vitamins also help to produce saliva, and kill bacteria that can cause cavities.

Whole Grains: Whole-grain breads, bran and brown rice are a good option for healthy teeth, because they contain vitamin B and iron to keep gums healthy, as well as magnesium for bones and teeth. The high fibre content in whole-grain foods is also helpful, because it encourages saliva which protects against tooth decay.

Lean Protein: Phosphorous is a mineral that aids in strengthening tooth enamel and balancing pH levels in the mouth to prevent growth of cavity-causing bacteria – this mineral is found in lean proteins, like chicken, eggs, and lean beef. 

With so many delicious options, it’s easy for your whole family to keep dental health in mind while eating throughout the day. For more tips on the best food for your mouth, speakto your dental professionals at Markham’s Southeast Dental.

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