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A Healthy Mouth for a Healthy Body

We know how important it is to keep our mouths healthy, but did you know that healthy mouths are also important for our overall wellness? It’s true – tooth decay and gum disease can lead to health problems throughout the entire body.

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Dental Care for Seniors

Dental needs change as a person ages. The specifics of the care you received as a baby are much different than your needs as an adult. For seniors, there are certain things to watch out for and keep in mind with respect to dental routine and care.

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What Children Want to Know About Loose Teeth

Loose teeth are something that we’ve all dealt with – you may remember your own loose teeth, especially your first one. Quite possibly, you can recall all the questions you had: Can I wiggle it? Will it hurt when it falls out? Why is it loose?

If you’re a parent, these are the very questions you’ll be asked once your child experiences loose teeth of their own. And if you’re worried that you don’t know how to properly handle these and other questions, don’t worry – the team at Southeast Dental is here to help!

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A Sensitive Subject – Tips for Sensitive Teeth

Dealing with sensitive teeth can be difficult. Not being able to enjoy certain foods and drinks, experiencing pain when you least expect it – sensitive teeth can go from a mere annoyance to an unbearable issue. Luckily, there are a variety of ways to minimize the tooth sensitivity or guard against it completely. After all, your team at Southeast Dental wants you to be able to enjoy a healthy, pain-free mouth! So here are our top tips to deal with those sensitive teeth:

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Preventing Oral Cancer

Taking proper care of our mouths is not only important for white teeth and healthy smiles – it’s also preventative care. Oral cancer is a very real risk, even in Canadians, but there are effective ways to prevent it, many of which you may already be doing.

Here are a few preventative measures:

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Dental Hygiene for Kids

Proper dental hygiene is important for all ages, but it’s imperative to start good habits at a young age. Whether you’re still cleaning your children’s teeth yourself, or if your kids are at that age when they’re ready to learn how to take care of their own oral health, we have some tips for you (and them) to help make sure they’re armed with the most effective methods possible.

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6 Ways to Keep Smiles Healthy During the Holidays

‘Tis the season for friends, family, gatherings, and food. And with this season comes sugary baked treats that are tough to turn down. We would never tell you not to indulge in wonderful holiday food, but we know it’s important to keep up dental health habits during all of the parties and dinners. So we’ve put together 6 tips to keep your teeth healthy while enjoying the holiday season.

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