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While many things have changed over the last few months, one thing has remained the same: our commitment to your health and safety. Our office has always followed strict infection control standards and in order to keep us all protected during this pandemic and in the future, we have updated our protocols. When we see you at your next appointment, things will be a little different but rest assured, it’s all in the best interest of our staff, patients and families. Click here to see how your next visit will look.

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Dealing with Chronic Gingivitis

Almost everyone experiences gingivitis at some point in their life. It’s very common, and often a result of not flossing enough or brushing gums properly. But for some, the gingivitis never seems to go away. Are you someone with chronic gingivitis?

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Choosing Your Daily Dental Tools

To make the most of your daily dental hygiene, it’s important to be armed with the best tools for your particular needs. Everyone’s mouth is different – and because of this, there is a multitude of dental items to choose from, to ensure every mouth gets the best care.

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Protecting Your Teeth from Enamel Erosion

The strong outer layer of your teeth is called the enamel, and it helps to protect the teeth from decay and keeps them healthy. But with time, and due to certain foods and behaviours, the enamel can start to weaken and erode, making it less able to protect as it should.

There are a few common causes of dental erosion, and ways to avoid them:

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All About Sealants

Everyone’s teeth are different – much like fingerprints. For some, the teeth in the back of their mouths have deeper grooves than most people, which can make it easier for bacteria to thrive and result in cavities. While brushing, flossing, and general daily dental hygiene can help, there’s another common solution. Have you heard about sealants?

Dental sealants are thin plastic coatings that are painted onto the chewing surfaces of the teeth. They create a smoother surface that acts as a barrier against food particles, bacteria, and potential cavities. They offer an effective preventative measure against tooth decay.

Often, sealants are used to for children and teens whose adult molars and premolars have come in with particularly deep grooves. Dentists sometimes recommend applying sealants as soon as the new teeth have erupted, to prevent problems. However, adults can also have sealants applied, especially if they did not have them at a younger age.

The sealant process is a quick, simple and painless one. There is no drilling, numbing or anesthetic required. First, the teeth are properly cleaned. Then, once they have been dried, the sealant liquid is painted on the chewing surface and then left to dry for a minute or two while it hardens. Because the application is non-invasive, it is a great option for younger patients.

Once applied to the teeth, they can last from 5 to 10 years with proper dental care. The dentist will be able to monitor them over the years to know if and when they need to be re-applied.

Sealants are not generally visible, unless looking closely at them. They’re often clear or slightly tinted to tooth colour and are not visible like some fillings can be. Sealants can be felt with the tongue, however, as they make the chewing surface smooth and slippery.

If you’re considering sealants for yourself or one of your family members, contact Southeast Dental in Markham for more information. Call 905-471-2002, or one of the other options on our contact page.

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Teaching Your Child to Brush Their Teeth

Once your child is old enough, there comes the task of teaching them how to brush their teeth on their own. While it sounds simple enough to do, that isn’t always the case! We want your kids to have great dental hygiene habits to last throughout their lives, so here are a few handy tips to use when you decide it’s time to teach your child how brush properly.

Choose the Right Tools – While you want to make sure you have the right toothbrush and toothpaste for children, you also want to make brushing fun for them so they’ll want to keep in the habit. Let them choose their toothbrush, maybe with their favourite character on it, and toothpaste in a flavour they’ll enjoy.

Brush With Them – Brushing along with your child as you teach them is not only a great way to show them how you brush your own teeth, but it also makes it a fun bonding experience for them. Kids love copying their parents, so this is the perfect way to learn.

Be Patient – Your child won’t be brushing on their own after one lesson – the process takes time and patience. But the most important part is showing them how to get into a habit of brushing twice every day.

Take Turns Brushing Their Teeth – When a child is learning to brush their teeth, they won’t be doing a thorough job. To make sure they’re still getting a proper clean, take turns! They can practice brushing in the morning, while you brush their teeth at night (or vice versa).

Talk to Your Dentist – The dentist will have even more advice and tips when it comes to teaching your children how to brush. They can also help during regular check-ups by letting the child know what a great job they’ve been doing. Talk to our dental team at Southeast Dental in Markham, and we’ll work together to keep your family’s smile healthy. Call us today at 905-471-2002, or book an appointment online!

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Causes of Dry Mouth

When you consider everyday dental health problems, dry mouth isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind. But chronic dry mouth can be a serious issue, as it leads to bad breath, cavities, and tooth decay. If you find that you are having trouble producing saliva, it may be a good idea to look into potential causes.

There are many reasons that dry mouth, also known as Xerostomia, occurs – these are a few common ones:

  • Medications
  • Chronic stress
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine
  • Radiation and chemotherapy

But if none of these apply to you, there are other causes to consider. Sjogren’s syndrome is an autoimmune disease that causes a person’s white blood cells to attack glands in the body that produce moisture, including the salivary glands. Another potential cause to look into is nerve damage to the head or neck. Both of these can result in serious cases of dry mouth and immediate treatment should be sought.

To prevent common dry mouth, ensure that you’re well hydrated at all times. Avoiding coffee and other caffeinated beverages can help, as can chewing sugarless gum or sucking on a sugarless hard candy. Even steering clear of sugar and acidic food can help.

If you’re not sure whether or not you’re experiencing a brief occurrence of dry mouth or a more serious case, here are some symptoms to look out for:

  • Constant thirst
  • Bad breath
  • Chapped lips
  • Red, painful tongue
  • Mouth sores and infection

If these problems persist, it’s important to make a dental appointment to find out what may be causing the Xerostomia, and if it can be easily treated. Dry mouth happens to everyone from time to time, but when it becomes serious it’s best to seek a solution. Call Southeast Dental in Markham to book your appointment, or use our online appointment form.

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Banishing Bad Breath

Bad breath happens to everyone, at some point. But for some people, it’s not just an occasional problem – it’s constant, and doesn’t seem to go away. But there are options for everyone, whether suffering from mild halitosis or the more severe cases.

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